FAQ – Boca Raton Pool Company

Searching for a ‘pool guy or gal’?

Lake Worth’s Living Water Pool Service is an expert pool service company founded March, 2007 in Palm Beach County.

Looking for a pool cleaning service in West Boca that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg?

Boca Pool Guys is West Boca Raton’s choice in professional, reliable and affordable pool cleaning services. We have a top rating on Google, Yelp and other rating services. From Boca Bridges to Mission Bay, our team will handle your cleaning and maintenance services so you can just relax and enjoy yourhome.

Pool maintenance should be pretty easy – after all it’s just water right?

Not so fast! There are a lot of little details required to ensure your family is diving into a crystal clear swimming pool. Some of these details you might have never thought of. In order to help you in the care of your pool, we have come up with a pool maintenance checklist.