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Affordable Pool Cleaning Service in West Boca

Looking for a pool cleaning service in West Boca that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg?

Boca Pool Guys is West Boca Raton’s choice in professional, reliable and affordable pool cleaning services. We have a top rating on Google, Yelp and other rating services. From Boca Bridges to Mission Bay, our team will handle your cleaning and maintenance services so you can just relax and enjoy yourhome.

We take the extra time to make sure your swimming pool is well cared for – giving it that ‘personal touch’ which sets us apart. We take the time to wash your filters. We take our time brushing and skimming your pool to eliminate any hints of algae.

Here are some of our reviews:
“Our pool has never looked so good! They are even super nice about having our 5 super annoying dogs around while they do their job. Couldn’t be happier with this company. Whoever the girl is who answers the phone is so nice and friendly. Def recommend this company.”

Melissa, Boca Raton
“Great experience working with Matt and the Boca Pool Guys. These guys are real pro’s. They made the job look neat and professional and cleaned up afterwards. I would highly recommend.”

Joseph, West Lakes / West Boca

And the best part? Our pool cleaning pricing is very ‘un-Boca’
We handle full service maintenance for you weekly or even bi-weekly.
We can also just do the ‘chemical testing / pH balancing‘ only if that’s all you need performed.

So if you are looking for someone who can handle things for you each week so you don’t have to worry about it, contact us today for a friendly quote.

We’ve been maintaining swimming pools from Boca West Country Club to Stonebridge and throughout Palm Beach County, Florida. Our swimming pools sparkle, and so do our smiles!

CALL (561) 863-3233 or click here and we’ll get right back to you asap!