Pool Maintenance

The 5 Pool Maintenance Essentials

Quality Cleaning and Care is Critical for Your Boca Raton Swimming Pool

Did you know there were over 1,000,000 swimming pools in Florida, and over 25,000 of those pools are in Boca Raton 4,000 in West Boca? If you are lucky enough to have a pool at your home, you need to take proper care of it so it’s ready when you you and your family want to jump in, cool down and enjoy the Palm Beach area fun and sun!

The 3 Essential Steps of Pool Maintenance

Maintaining a pool in West Boca Raton Florida

Did you know there are three major areas involved in maintaining your pool? They are:

1 ) Circulation
2 ) Regular Cleaning
3 ) Balancing Chemistry

These are essential steps to keeping your swimming pool in tip-top shape and refreshing to use any time you wish to take a dip. More specifically, pool cleaning is very important and this should be done on a routine basis – at least weekly or as soon as you spot something that is not right.

What Pool Services Do We Offer?

Pool maintenance is a broad term that encompasses a range of services to keep your pool in pristine condition and ready for use every day. While there are some aspects of pool maintenance that you could ( if you have the time and knowledge ) handle on your own, professional cleaning is highly recommended. Our company, Living Water Pool Service is a highly regarded pool cleaning service based in West Palm Beach and serving Boca Raton to Jupiter.

We Perform the Following 5 Maintenance Essentials ( So You Don’t Have to! )

  • Cleaning Skimmers
  • Balancing Ph Levels
  • Cleaning Filters
  • Sanitizing
  • Check Water Level

Boca Raton pool chemical maintenance

Cleaning Skimmers

The skimmer box is responsible for pushing water to complete the circulation system. If debris gets caught up here, the skimmer will malfunction and affect the performance of your pool. We clean out the skimmer basket so proper water circulation is upheld.

Balancing Ph Levels

PH refers to the levels of acidity and alkalinity in the pool. Too much acidity will trigger corrosion of the surfaces and equipment therein, and too much alkalinity will lead to scaling and clouding. Neither of these scenarios is good for the pool or swimming for that matter. Ideally, this process should be done weekly to keep PH levels at 7.5 so the chlorine can remain 50- 60% active.

Cleaning Filters

This is one of the key services we provide. It is important to clean out the filter by removing debris that could be trapped there. A cartridge filter is the best choice as it allows maximum flow of water and has no backwashing. More so, this kind of filter only requires maintenance just a few times per year.


Even with regular cleaning, it is very important that you sanitize the pool to kill off bacteria that could cause infections. Chlorine is the most prevalently used sanitizer but bromine tablets are much better. If you wish, Living Water Pool Service can install an automated brominator to dispense bromine as required.

Check Water Level

The water level should be maintained just right. It needs to stay in the middle of the skimmer level for best results. Otherwise, if the water level is lower than stipulated, the pump will run dry and burn. Also, if the water level is above optimum, this will thwart the skimmer door from functioning normally.

Importance of Pool Cleaning

At Living Water Pool Service, we understand the need to maintain a sanitary and functional pool at all times. Cleaning your Palm Beach County swimming pool helps to remove debris using a telescopic pole so the skimmer is not clogged. This practice also helps to keep up appearances so your pool is not an unsightly mess when you are entertaining.

Pool safety is another reason for hiring a professional pool company. Research shows that Florida has the highest rates of drowning in the US and more than 60% of these cases happen in residential pools of which there are thousands in Palm Beach County. Therefore, parents and caregivers must remain vigilant and supervise children when they are in the pool. Living Water Pool Service provides repair services to keep your pool safe for use even by little children.

If you are in the market for a pool maintenance company in Palm Beach County, Living Water Pool Service is your ideal partner. We are dedicated to keeping your pool safe and clean at affordable price points. Call our office at (561) 863-3233 from West Boca to West Palm Beach today for a free quote or click here to see our pricing.