Pool Safety Tips for Preventing Pool Accidents in Boca Raton this Summer

Pool Safety Tips for Preventing Pool Accidents in Boca Raton this Summer

It’s summertime in Boca Raton and West Boca and children and adults are dipping into area pools in droves to cool off and enjoy the feeling that only a swimming pool can bring. ,

But while a quick dip or a full day of swimming are typically wonderful experiences, all to often a joyous day is cut short by a child’s screams after falling down while running on the slippery surface or hitting their head on a diving board. Children’s safety should be everyone’s concern so read on for some helpful tips to keep your kids safe this summer.

Of all pool accidents, drownings are the most tragic of course. Drownings are also an ever present concern with Florida also lead the nation is swimming pool related drowning deaths in 2017.  More than 350 kids drown each year, most less than 5 years old.

Whether you are enjoying a day at the public pool at Boca Raton Swim Center on St. Andrews Blvd. or Meadows Park or a private pool behind your Boca Bath and Tennis, Lake Wyman or Broken Sound you should think about ‘what may go wrong’ before your day of fun to avoid problems that may happen.

Boca Raton area pool accidents, injuries and drownings are avoidable if only area pool owners and parents were to take simple precautions. Below are some pool safety tips for Boca Raton area residents from our Boca Raton pool maintenance team to help prevent pool injuries and accidents from ruining your summer day:

  • Do not allow people to run or play on slippery surfaces
  • Make sure walkways and pedestrian areas are free from obstacles and tripping-hazards
  • Ensure that pool-side walkways have adequate traction and non-slip surface covering
  • Install handrails in dangerous areas
  • Don’t swim near pool filters or drains which can sometimes ensnare hair
  • Be sure to put sunscreen on your kids at least an hour before pool time
  • Consider fencing or other protective barriers to prevent accidental falls into the pool
  • Put warning signs reminding pedestrians of potential hazards
  • Tilt your kids ears and remove water to prevent ear infections

When the lifeguard blows his whistle and yells ‘No Running’, it’s for good reason. Safety is her number 1 concern. Dozens of children are brought to West Boca Medical Center and Boca Raton Regional Hospital every summer for stitches from slipping while running around the pool or falling against the side of the pool and broken limbs and sprains. Make ‘No Running!’ one of

your ‘non negotiable’ safety rules.

If you are planning a pool playdate or party with kids be sure that at least one of the supervising adults has CPR experience. There is a CPR training program at The Red Cross at 5820 N Federal Hwy. in Boca Raton.

Preventing pool accidents and drownings this summer in Boca Raton is an

important responsibility, especially if you are a parent, pool manager or are charged with watching children and we hope these pool safety tips have helped put pool safety ‘top of mind’ for you.