What to Look for in a Pool Service in the Boca – Delray Beach Area

What to Look for in a Pool Service in the Boca – Delray Beach Area

Chances are that if you live in the Boca Raton or Delray Beach area, you have a pool! There are over 100,000 residences with pools in Palm Beach County alone. Some need more attention than others, but all of them definitely need regular service.

If you are currently looking to hire a professional, you should know there are a few things to consider when choosing a company to perform maintenance and clean your Boca Raton area pool.

You could do the maintenance of the pool yourself, but it is not as simple as you think. Part of this means you have to deal with chemicals and know certain measurements to make with those chemicals such as: How much chlorine, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid, and how these components behave with the water; as well as alkalinity and pH levels. This is all a pain in the neck if you aren’t knowledgeable on the topic. Plus, you have to keep up with it on a regular basis and who has time for that?!

Here are some key things to look for when beginning your search for a pool service that offers pool maintenance and cleaning.

Experience – Every company has to start somewhere so if it is a new company, don’t be afraid to ask for some personal references. A uniform is nice, but it does not mean that they have experience so you have to dig a little deeper. A great way to test any company that offers a service is to devise a list of questions about their trade based on your needs for service and see how confident they are in their answers. A good company will be able to answer you honestly and quickly.

Credentials – All pool service and maintenance companies should be licensed & bonded. It’s a bad idea to settle for one that is not covered because they are less expensive for the service. In business since “1984” sounds good, but you can go to sunbiz.org and look up any Florida company to see how long they have really been in business.

Reputation – There are so many ways we can find services on the internet. But there is no better way than word of mouth. A referral by someone who already uses them for their pool maintenance is priceless.

Another good thing to do is read online reviews. It is an easy search to find compliments and complaints online. You want a trustworthy company working for you!

Services – Pool service is like a gym membership. No one wants to be locked into a contract! It is a good idea to ask up front if a contract is required. It is better if there are packages or if each service is a la carte. Sometimes you only need some services once in a while.

What happens if there is a pool emergency, do they offer “emergency hours” for repairs? Do they work on pool motors? Many smaller pool companies will sub out their repairs to companies that specialize in your type of repair.

Location – What areas do they service near you? It is important to find one in your local area. You can do a google search for Pool Service in Palm Beach County, or narrow it down to the city you reside in like Lake Worth for example.

Price – Last, the best thing to do is call at least 3 of your top choices for pool service and request a quote. This will help you to narrow it down to the pool service that is right for you. Be sure to ask if they offer packages or add-ons? And remember to ask if there is a contract.

Routine maintenance pool care is the key to its long life. Do what you can in between services to keep it clean and hire a professional pool maintenance company to do the dirty work!